What, you missed me?

I got a call from the RE today (actually, Nurse T) to say the donor was having her last bloodwork done today (for STD’s and communicable diseases). They got back her Day 3 blood work end of last week, and all was well. A beautiful, low FSH and on the money estradiol.

Today I start BCP’s and wait. The donor is already on them… won’t start Lupron until the psych eval is completed end of this month. The good news is since we are already being primed to start, there won’t be much of a delay once we get the go.

Interestingly, Nurse T had more questions for me. I thought I had already gone through them all, but since I haven’t signed anything yet they are preparing the paperwork.


Are you freezing any extra embryos from the donor cycle? ummmm… hell yeah, I’m paying $15k for them, what’s another $1k?
Did you make a decision on disposal or donation of said embryos should you not need them/want them at a later date? more of a question for my husband, methinks.
Are you open to a single-embryo transfer, or not more than suggested amount by embryologist (in other words, we need to CYA because of the Octuplet scandal)? My take… I’m not looking for octuplets. I just want a live baby or two please.
Are you open to selective reduction if suggested? I am open to anything that does not put my life in jeopardy, and again, the goal is a LIVE baby. I will do whatever is in my best interest.

Interestingly enough, the RE happened to be standing in the wings on this phone call, and I heard some banter. Then Nurse T says…

“We’re thinking of having you come in for another trial transfer. We know your last trial transfer went easy, but your ACTUAL transfer last August was…. um, challenging.”

Gee, I thought you’d never ask. My answer, well OF COURSE. And for extra insurance, I get TWO of my RE’s to perform the trial transfer and take copious notes because of my complicated (or not?) cervix. An RE wing-man so to speak.

If you ask my opinion, I think they just miss me.

And so begins my 41st year on earth

I actually have a rather meaty donor update for a change.

Donor had her Day 3 blood work and ultrasound yesterday, which went “fabulous” according to Nurse T. That means the uterus is looking fine, and the antral count, well, quite suitable and plentiful for a 22 year old.

Can we stop for a moment and reflect on the fact that I may be receiving eggs from someone TWENTY years younger than me? Ok… 19. I don’t want to age myself that much.

Yes, my 41st birthday was yesterday. But between us, I’m calling myself 39 again. lol.

So now we await the results from the infectious disease screening this week, and if that’s good we pass the second hurdle. Last mandatory step is her psych evaluation in two weeks, and if that hurdle is cleared too, she can begin meds.

From my end? I am to start BCP’s in a few days.

And wait.

[insert crickets chirping here]


It’s interesting to view an DE IVF cycle from the recipient’s perspective. I’m just waiting by the phone. A whole lot of nuthin’ going on.

Except, my weight that is. I’m down another 2 pounds this week, for a total of 17!

Now, THAT is exciting.

Hungry like the wolf

Still recovering from the ickies (they took a lot longer to get rid of than I hoped). The good news is we are all now on the path to wellness again.

Speaking of wellness, I am now officially “back on the wagon” with my diet. Being sick gave me a five pound head start, and yesterday I went back to Wei.ght W.atchers. The good news is I gained no weight over the holidays! The bad news is I am still fat. And hungry.

Oh hell, it is what it is I guess. …Baby steps.

David started his first season of basketball last Sunday. Much like soccer, basketball and 5/6 year-olds are a sight to see in action. Picture a bunch of kids under the basket with hands up in the air and clueless faces. lol. David seems to like it. He does great with shooting, but not so great dribbling. We bought a (real) basketball over the weekend and are working on that. Since I played basketball as a youth, I now finally have the chance to show David my “mad basketball skillz”. bwahahaha. If I remember them.

Lastly, an update on the donor cycle. Nothing happened over the holidays due to vacations and merriment. I don’t have a schedule yet, but hoping to soon. I got a call from the donor coordinator today, and the donor is still “on” (she has an appt. with the RE on the 27th), and is awaiting a new cycle to start. So, no birth control pills or Lupron yet on the horizon. Suffice to say that nothing interesting will be going on the remainder of this month at least. Not that it matters much, my schedule is pretty open and nothing significant is coming up that will conflict with the plan.

I am happy to be in a place right now of zen.

Concentrating on self-improvement and resting up for what the New Year holds in store.