Britney, Britney, Britney…. we need to talk

I just can’t help but make a comment on this situation with Britney Spears.

Yeah, yeah, I know… but I can’t help it. Stay with me for a sec.

She is obviously OUT of her EVER ‘LOVIN mind, and not a stable parent for those sweet boys. Whether “The Media” fluffs the story or not, she has displayed outright disregard for the legal system, and appears to have no interest in being a role model to her kids or even present in her own life for that matter.

As a mom, it breaks my heart that she is just spinning out of control under the watchful eye of the world. I have to imagine that someone in her life has attempted to intercede, and I feel badly for those who have tried to help her to no avail. What a tough situation to be in. K-Fed (who is probably “fed” up with her antics…lol) reportedly showed up at her bedside last night probably trying to talk some sense into her (or I hope telling her he’s going to seek full custody).

Why the legal system keeps giving her chances to further prove she is a poor example of a mother is beyond me. You know that if this scenario happened to one of us non-celebs, our kids would be in custody of Family Services so fast our head would spin.

This is a lost girl that has one foot in the grave. Somebody, anybody, please stop her.

Ok, I said my peace. Back to regular BagMomma reading. 😉