BlogHer Envy

I was scheduled to be in Raleigh this week for work (for a huge meeting) but my meeting was cancelled. Which is a bummer, since I would have loved to fly out to Chicago to attend the BlogHer Conference this week.

Many of my bloggy acquaintances are going, and I will miss the opportunity to meet them in person!

However, I do plan to attend via SecondLife…. which if you don’t know I won’t bother explaining. It’s too hard to wrap your head around it, even for a techie like me. I’ve spent the better part of yesterday trying to find something for my avatar to wear which doesn’t make me appear as a two dollar hooker. For you SL people, you know what I mean.

So, safe travels to my buddies that are going! I want to hear the stories… and, if you are looking for me virtually in SL on Friday, my avatar name is QueenMaryRose Ashby… and I’ll be the one trying to not look like a hooker.