Peace on Earth, or at least at BagMomma’s house

So where have I been?

I was growing tired of the drama around here. Is it a coincidence that I have off from work this week? I think I must have used some serious psychic powers knowing I would need this week off.

If you remember a week or two back, my drama at work was reaching a head, and then the great computer meltdown occurred. Then the loss of Luke. All the while, anticipating my first cycle back on the TTC bandwagon and worrying about that.

I had originally scheduled this week off to do a lot of little projects around the house. I have done a few, and did another purse cleanout and donation. I cleaned two closets (so far) generating a landfill of trash. Mostly empty boxes and crap I was saving for god knows what.

Sadly, my PC rebuild hasn’t gone as planned… so I ended up ordering a new PC for the family computer. Since I had my work laptop under lockdown since last Friday, I’ve been out of the loop on blogging and e-mail. My Google Reader had 780 unread posts when I posted on Monday… I’m sure it’s over 1,000 by now. But you know what? It doesn’t matter.

I am relishing the fact that I have been able to detach myself from the computer for awhile.

I even (GASP) went shopping to REAL stores yesterday. Places where they give you free boxes with gifts you buy instead of my internet purchases where they CHARGE you a giftwrap/box fee.

I went to lunch alone yesterday, and sat in a restaurant eating a turkey wrap with NOWHERE to be. I browsed the Coach store, Williams-Sonoma, Sur Le Table, and Harry & David. I sat in a comfy chair in Starbucks sipping a Latte watching the snow fall outside.

It was heaven. Well, except for the money I spent.

So far, this week is turning out to be unexpectedly decent.

I am done my BCPs, and awaiting arrival of AF to make my first u/s appointment and the start of my injectables cycle.

I am (almost!) done my Christmas shopping.

I finished decorating, and decorated a special tree dedicated to our departed pets. We got rid of the dog and cat food, the dishes, the kitty litter. It was time to let it all go.

My new PC should arrive next week, and I think I’ll just take my time loading everything on it. I am using my work laptop for urgent stuff and these posts in the meantime. Won’t have my usual time to browse and lurk, but that’s okay. It’s temporary.

To sum up this week in one word: PEACEFUL

[breathing out a sigh of content]

Blogging Granny

It’s Friday, you made it!

This has been a looooong week, but before I disappear into my real work today, I had to share this with you.

I came across this fine gem yesterday about the OLDEST blogger. I thought it was me, but who knew???

This sweet woman is 108 years old, and she’s still got a lot to say! Check it out:

Oldest Blogger at 108 Years Old

You know what that means, right? I have at least another 68 years left of blogging in me. lol.

A year in a blog

Last August, I started this blog with no purpose other than to vent to myself. I didn’t care if anyone read it. It was just a place for me to go and unwind.

I was just another working Mom with an expensive hobby (handbags, remember? – I seemed to have strayed from that lately…lol).

I thought I had nothing to share with the blogosphere. Nothing unique about me. Just another blogger to enter the fray.

In August of 2006, I was just getting back into TTC after my first loss. I was cautious, but hopeful. I was naive. Little did I know the path I was about to walk on. The kind of path that takes you along to experience the ultimate joys and the pits of despair (sometimes even in the same day).

At some point in the last year, my blog went from happy and lighthearted to cold and broken. And back to lighthearted, and then broken. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.

Also over the last year, people started to read my blog. A few, and then a handful, and then many. I thought, “why do people come here? are they just being nice, or really like my blog?”

And all of a sudden it hit me that anyone could find my blog and I would be exposed. Will they think I am a selfish person? shallow? After all, this started out as a venture to keep ME sane, not worrying about who I might offend in a post, what things I should or should not talk about, or pictures I should or shouldn’t post.

And then, a curious thing happened.

I started meeting women like me. Working Moms. Work at Home Moms. Women experiencing Secondary Infertility. Women experiencing Primary Infertility. Humanity. People I just like because they seem like friends I would have outside the Internet.

People like you, my readers. Many of you have blogs I frequent each day. My Google Reader is filled with almost 150 blogs I like to read. Stories I follow. Life moments. Hints from the trenches. Crazy people who make me laugh when I need it most. Plain ole’ fun.

The sanity I am looking for has now developed in two unexpected ways:
Me putting my thoughts to the keyboard, and you responding.

And to my surprise, I ended up with a circle of blogging friends that I look forward to interacting with each day. So whether you are a regular reader, an IRL friend, an acquaintance or a mere passerby I thank you for stopping here in my world if even for a moment. Your comments make me realize I am truly connecting in a way I never imagined.

So as I meet the first anniversary of BagMomma I find I’m in the middle of a blogging split personality it seems. Is this still the blog I started? Have I alienated some of my readers now that much of my content is heavily weighted in IF? Should I start another blog just talking about my infertility?

And, the answer that came to mind in short order is…. no.

Here I am.

BagMomma, Shelli, IF Flunkie, whatever…. this blog is me. Right now, expanding into another blog would be like diluting myself. And staying true to my original intentions, you will get the best and worst of BagMomma.

So expect a myriad of topics in the next year. I’ll be blogging about work, balancing life with a child, family, and my upcoming IF treatments. I may even get back to talking fashion and bags. And I promise never to lose my sense of humor. Because you already expect that from me.

Here’s to another year… of sharing and hope.


Rock on!

One of the sweetest bloggy friends a girl could have, Kim, nominated me as a Rockin’ Girl Blogger.

I am humbled and ready to get out my guitar and strum a few bars of AC/DC. Oh wait, that’s right, I can’t play guitar. But I still rock, no?

I’m paying it forward to a couple other fellow bloggers that I enjoy, and, truly make the day shine with delight. If you are not reading them, hop to it, because they all ROCK:

Mrs. Schmitty from It’s a Schmitty Life – I love her humor and her kids are just a riot. When I think of fun families I wish I knew IRL, hers takes the cake.

All the ladies over at WMAG Working Moms Against Guilt. This is one of the first blogs I read in the morning. I especially LOVE their Friday Finds posts. These ladies work it, and rock it every day.

Erika over at Plain Jane Mom who has exposed me to so many great blogs other than her own, AND she is a conglomerate of blogs now, her new site Plain Jane Deals is a cool source for stuff on sale. I am addicted.

Sara from Self-Made Mom A fellow working mom whose blog makes me THINK (in a good way), who reminds me that it’s okay to wear flip flops to work, and also reminds me that work-life balance is a moving target that is worth chasing.