Pollen attacks, and Moms who rock!

Allergies are the worst.

The trees sprouted pollen a few weeks ago, and hubby already has his first sinus infection of the season. And it’s a dooooozy….

I know it’s bad when my allergies intensify (usually mine are mild). I’ve been fighting off a killer headache all weekend. And today my eyes are red and I’ve sneezed only about 50 times.

Fun times.

I wanted to also mention I have a new blogging gig over at the (about to be launched) New Jersey Moms Blog… a sister site to the growing conglomerate of Silicon Valley Moms Blogs. I am excited to be a writer with a fabulous bunch of ladies, so do drop by, won’t you??

Check out my recent post today, on this Earth Day. It’s just me ranting about gas prices and pontificating about Fred Flintstone. Riveting material, I know….

While you’re there, check out my fellow contributors as well, and even click out to the other regional sites. We are all Moms, and we have a lot to say….!

Moms Speak Up!

IzzyMom has recently started a new blog, Moms Speak Up. Moms Speak Up is collaborative blog of writers posting about the environment, dangerous imports, food safety, toy recalls, education, health care, and lots of other topics guaranteed to be HOT topics.

Yours truly (that would be me) is a new contributor to this site. So, please go forth! and check it out.

And while you are there, check out my first article, “Give a Cow This Year” regarding unique charitable giving.