Brimming with Positivity

Oh, the world can be so negative sometimes. We are constantly bombarded with negative news and images all day long via our connected world.

What happened to the good news?

What a nice surprise to stumble on something that focuses on the positive. Gimundo is a relatively new website that posts news that is uplifting, fun, and kid-friendly. The founders started this venture over dinner pondering what ever happened to the good news…. and decided to do something about it. Kudos!

In the last month I’ve read stories about everyday heroes, cute stories about animals, POSITIVE current events, foods that LOWER the risk of cancer, and even some cool ideas to bring a little ‘green’ to the BagMomma house (green as in conservation).

Check out this recent story about real life superheros. Very cool. I think I’ve been inspired.

aaaaah, take a deep breath.

Definitely an upgrade from my usual afternoon CNN break. Sorry Wolf Blitzer.