Coasting at Day 7

It’s been a few days since I last checked in, and I got through the weekend fairly well.

I decided to modify my cleanse on Saturday and Sunday to include one sensible meal (dinner).  This was for two reasons, primarily because I was out on Saturday (not home to make the power shake) and Sunday I was feeling a little nauseated and run down.  I wanted lean meat and a vegetable so that was my dinner on both evenings in place of the shake (no carbs, no dairy, no sugar).  The rest of the days I stuck with the plan, and amazingly I felt much better with the additional food beyond the flex options.

So, the one thing that surprises me about this plan is I really feel less hungry as the days go on.  I also noticed that my intense need for bread(carbs) and sugar has decreased A LOT.   I’m not sure if it’s a mind over matter thing, or my body is now breaking the cycle of addiction?  This is the first time in my life I have been successfully able to cut carbs out totally.  I really never could do it because the craving was so overwhelming before.  What will happen when I slowly introduce carbs again (albeit in careful moderation)?  I am going to try to be very mindful of this.

So, it’s Day 7 and I am three days to the end of my 10-Day Transformation.  I am thinking about what I will do going forward but have not made any decisions yet.  Since I skipped some shakes in the last week, I will have extra…  so I think I will finish it out in the same fashion as I did this past weekend.  Shakes for breakfast/lunch, and a sensible dinner.  Speaking of the power shakes…  I’m really starting to not like the taste.  I KNOW, it’s an awful thing to say.  When I started this plan, I was mixing them with almond milk and fruit to “hide” the taste but now I have gone the way of preparing with water and guzzling them.  They are not awful, but it’s just getting easier to think of them as “nutrition” ….just down them and move on.

The one major thing I have also learned?  I could never be 100% vegan.  Sorry folks, my preference is protein from lean meat.  While I will never be a poster child for this program, it so far has been a great experience.

Onward!  Looking forward to the next check in.

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