Climbing the Wall

Day 3… and it’s way better than Day 2. I still have a mild headache, but it’s tolerable. I normally weigh myself once a week, but I’ve been doing it daily just to document the highs and lows for the 10 days. I am down 4.7 pounds so far.

Last night was really hard. I drank all of my shakes and followed the plan to a “T”, but I was STARVING. The flex foods weren’t enough either. I was ready to chuck everything out of the window and have some pasta. I really think that I am being slammed with a double whammy of caffeine and carb withdrawal. I felt sick, and figured maybe a few nuts would get me back in my right mind. I had a small handful of almonds, and it made a world of difference. I am thinking that since I am very overweight, the drastic cut in caloric intake is rebooting my insides and creating a tug-of-war!

Yesterday, I spoke about the fiber blend- and just to mention… I mixed it with a small amount of organic pineapple juice, water, ice, and a dash of unsweetened coconut. That made it MUCH more palatable…..

It’s a great feeling that I am sticking with this. I am hoping to have more good news to share tomorrow!

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