A Love Note to David at Ten

My son,

I’m not sure how you got here…  from here…


… and here…



How could it already be your 10th birthday?

For your birthday, (shhhhh…. you don’t know yet) I bought you an iPhone and a signed hockey puck from your favorite NHL goalie. It seems like yesterday you were wanting matchbox cars, Sillybandz, and Playmobil.

Now you are more amused by your iPad, your bike, your xBox games… and hockey.  You are just weeks away from the end of your 4th grade year in elementary school, and the beginning of “middle school”.

Did I ever tell you I met your Dad when we were both in 4th grade? I know, only a bazillion times. But it’s true. Crazy, but true.

Someday I will share with you how much of a miracle you are.  You were conceived by a wish, born with the spirit of your Great Grandma and big dreams.  Looking back at the last ten years, I see all of it as a gift I didn’t realize I was unwrapping ever so slowly.

You, my turtle boy, my lovie, my meerkat, my only. I cherish every snuggle now with you, because, soon…. heartbreakingly soon…. you will tire of me and think I am “uncool”.

But just remember who keeps you up-to-date with your technology.. not Dad!…. ME.

You are SPECIAL.

You are LOVED.

You are TEN.

And if Daddy reminds me one more time I will lose you in 8 years to college, I will bat him over the head.


Happy Birthday, my love.  

We have a lot of celebrating to do this weekend!!


One thought on “A Love Note to David at Ten

  1. This is NOT possible!?! Is it?

    I know it is, but wow. I still picture him as a little guy, which he clearly is not.

    Happy Birthday, D!

    And huge ((hugs)) for Momma, too.

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