My iPad is killing me

I have a love/hate relationship with My iPad. More love than hate, to be honest… maybe a little co-dependent. Maybe a lot.

It started innocently enough. I became a proud owner of an iPad shortly after they arrived on the scene.

I became hypnotized by the HD screen. I marveled at how Angry Birds looked so much more colorful and vivid compared to my iPod Touch. I loaded my four e-mail accounts with ease. I transferred my Kindle books. I started playing Words With Friends…

Pretty soon I was taking my iPad everywhere. To work, to the waiting area at my son’s karate, on vacation… and to bed.

That’s when things got messy.

I was reading into the wee hours of the morning, only to fall asleep with my iPad leaning precariously on my bed.

I was losing sleep.

Then, my husband (bless him) bought me another iPad. A shiny iPad 2. It had a camera. Which pleased me greatly since I was dying to try Instagram ( my cell phone is, alas, an Android… pity).

I powered it up, connected to my home wifi only to lose my signal. Hmmmmm…. This is odd. My old one is still working…

After three days of dropped connections, I resigned myself to the fact that I would have to visit my friendly Apple store. So I do, and I meet the nicest tech guy who decides to swap out my newest child… Er…. iPad.

iPad 2 (#2) arrives home. Except this one is also a dud. I see a very unsightly message on my wifi settings. After consulting Google, I fear I have loved my iPad into hardware failure.

Why hast my iPad forsaken me?!?!? (shaking fist to Steve Jobs in heaven)

Back to the Apple store.

The same tech guy sees me coming, a mere 3 days later, and he proclaims I have some real bad luck.

Um, no.


iPad 2 (#3) is DOA. The poor thing didn’t even barely make it out of the cardboard box at the store. Screen dead.

Ooops. At least now I know it’s not me. A group of 4 Apple employees all look very flushed with embarrassment. I still retain my charm even though my blood pressure is tipping into the danger zone.

Please! You. Must. Give. Me. An. iPad. That. Works. Don’t make me cry at the Genius Bar. It will be messy.

iPad 2 (#4) becomes my new friend. Hey look, the wifi works! It worked IN the store and AT MY HOUSE, and at Starbucks!!!

Holy moly, I am on a roll.

Seven days of bliss so far.

My iPad is still killing me… but I love it anyway. Oh how I missed the simple, sleepless, nights.

Be well, my new friend.

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