Hark! The Angels Sing in Irony

Where to start?

This has not been a banner year.

The eight year old in me will tell you flat out that it sucked.  The big girl in me will tell you that I was not quite prepared for the curveballs thrown at me.

It seems I broke myself while attempting to reinvent me.

To continue the saga of the hair loss situation, last I left you I was only 40% bald, and receiving monthly cortisone injections to the scalp from a dermatologist.  Since that time, I also modified my vitamin regime, and started cl.obetasol, to stimulate my hair follicles into reproduction.

Follicles, reproduction!

I feel like I am in my old infertile world.  Not.

Alas, the treatment led me to a now depressing 60% bald, but bonus! thicker eyelashes, which is pretty ironic.  I am soon appearing on a street near you as Sinead O’Connor circa 1990 or as an extra on The Walking Dead.

My primary care physician is more concerned with my cholesterol (which is high) and my weight.  I am more concerned about my lethargy, weird appetite, random muscle aches, and the hair.  The hair. A complete blood work up revealed normal everything (thyroid, blood sugar, etc.) nothing but the high cholesterol, so their take is I just need to eat better.   SURE.  DID YOU NOT HEAR ME?

Something is clearly wrong. Since I don’t need referrals on my health plan (thanking my unlucky stars) I intend to find my own damn help.  

My dermatologist broke up with me (i.e. ran out of ideas) and gave me the name of a doctor that heads up a very large specialty practice for all things hairless and/or Sasquatch.  So over the bridge I will go.  The benefit to this place is they intend to look at other reasons, specifically the immunological ones.  

I will tell you that I’ve spent far too much time on Google, and the same things do come up, so I am really over the fear of the situation, I just want to KNOW WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME. I hate to use the word ironic twice in one post, but isn’t it ironic (fourth time) that a girl that never even went to the doctor except for infertility, paps, and mammograms is now willing to go to the ends of the earth for a decent one?

This post merely covers the health aspect of my life right now.  Trust me, there’s lots more 2011 garbage,  I just can’t seem to put the words together.  

I feel like a total mess.

Damn, I really thought this would be a great year.

Fooled again.

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