Stormy Weather

Well, I am writing to you, presumably, before the electric company says I am to lose power and quite honestly I am also wondering if the end of days is here.

So, to recap the last 7 days…

We had 9 inches of rain about a week ago. The house didn’t float away, but I really thought it might… our adjacent neighbors had water in their basements and several cars were underwater. We had but a trickle of water in the basement, and thanks to the pack-rat in me, a strategically placed bucket captured about a quart of water. Oh, who am I kidding… It was a bucket I shoved into the closet 2 years ago. But it saved a wet carpet.

Then, four days ago, a 5.8 earthquake shook the Eastern seaboard. And my office here in New Jersey. It freaked me out only because I thought something was wrong with me… I was suddenly nauseous, then noticed the building I was in was swaying, along with me, my chair, and my 2011 calendar on the wall.

Then… Today.


So, really… are you kidding me? Now, a direct hit from a hurricane??

I really feel like I should have paid more attention to the warnings from Nostradamus. Or, perhaps zombies are the final sign.

I spent the last day reading about hurricane preparedness, freezing ziplock bags of water for future use, and fighting traffic and insane people for a few cases of water and a manual can opener.

And, then, to top off the madness… I received a recorded phone call from my electric company, TELLING me that I may as well kiss my power goodbye tonight. Oh, and by the way? They may not get around to restoring my power for an extended period of time.

I’ve decided that they are either being meticulously proactive, or idiots.

Meanwhile, it started raining heavy here about an hour ago. I sit writing to you via my iPad perched on my recliner. My house is about 35 miles from Atlantic City. Our county is not under mandatory evacuation, but I can sure as hell do the math since the evil eye of Irene will be passing us mere miles off the coast. I am more than mildly concerned.

We are ready (I think) and I am praying for the next 24 hours to go by fast. They say the worst will be during the night. I guess it’s better everything will be at its worst in the dark. I really don’t want to witness 90mph winds with my own eyes.

And, when the time comes that I lose power… I guess the silver-lining is I don’t need to notify my electric provider. Apparently, they are shitting bricks waiting just like me.

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