What’s the last new thing you’ve done?

Life in general has been sort of a rut for me in the past, but I’ve been doing A LOT of new things since my career change. David seems to be getting the biggest perks (in his mind anyway) because he finally has a Mom that is present in body and spirit.

We recently explored a few new parks, got a swim club membership, visited new places during THE DAY, made a few dinners together (instead of me throwing together what I can last minute).

As for me, I am doing something quite interesting and OUT of my comfort zone next week… I am getting a spray tan before we go on vacation.

I pray I won’t look like this:

But as I’ve been expanding my horizons, I thought… why the heck not? The worst that will happen is I’ll look slightly different for 7 days.  And, I’ll be out of state with my bad tan, so who will know me anyway? I’ll just put on my Snooki-tude.

(Truth be told, my Mom was the guinea pig, and her tan looks great… shhhhhh).

did I just make a new word, Snooki-tude?

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