Chasing Youth

What has surprised you most about being an adult?

I remember being 18 and wishing I was 21. In my twenties I sort of looked forward to 30 because I always felt like I would be taken more seriously at that age.  Then I turned 35 and wanted to slam on the brakes before I hit 40.  Each time I passed a milestone the clock seemed to wind faster and faster ahead. 

By the time 40 arrived I had felt much like Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz after being awakened from “the dream.”   Disoriented.   Wondering…  who am I, where am I, what did I miss, and where did the time go??

So I as I write this today,  I feel like each year progressively has sped up to the point that if I don’t stop and look around, I’ll miss a lot.  Even a whole year. Or decade. 

Yes, its true.  Time does pass MUCH faster as an adult.

And boy I sure hope that 50 is far in the horizon as it feels right now.  I’m really not ready for that.
I haven’t even planned my plastic surgery schedule yet.


Not really.

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