Almost a John Hughes Movie

My favorite wardrobe item in high school was my leg warmers. I probably should note that it was more 9th/10th grade because I think that was the peak of the trend.  And I was a lover of trends….

So if you asked my friends (back then) to describe me in a few words I would think they would say fashionable, smart, and funny. When I think back to how awkward I felt as a teen, I could not imagine that the combination of those three words was an accurate portrayal of how I FELT about me. I had a horrible and skewed body image. Yet, I still mastered every pop trend that appeared in the 80’s, and I guess I became known for it.

Yep, that’s me above in all my big-haired glory. Circa 1985.

Leg warmers, neon plastic earrings, Madonna-esque jewelry, Guess jeans, off-the shoulder Flashdance sweatshirts, crazy makeup and BIG hair.

And a passion for all things Duran Duran.

And Molly Ringwald. Except I didn’t have a male sidekick named Duckie. I had 5 sidekicks- my best female friends. We were in an odd clique in high school. Not the most popular girls, not the least popular. We were smart, and when we weren’t keeping up our GPA we were hanging with the popular guys having fun (irony! for all the mean girls). Goes to show some boys do respect intelligent, witty girls after all. 

Or maybe I was just lucky to not be tortured in high school for being ME.

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