Eight is Great

“Eight is Great!” That’s what I loved to tell you when you wore the number 8 jersey on two seasons of your soccer team. But now that phrase has new meaning…

Today, you turn 8, and I seriously can’t believe how quickly the time is passing (and how tall you are getting).

In celebration of your 8th birthday…

I give you eight reasons why I love you.

1. you are kind and caring, and did I mention kind? It is a rarity to find a little boy that has such concern for others feelings. You will do well to keep that as a strength, no matter how many ax kicks you do in karate.

2. your smile lights up to the heavens. You giggle in a way I know for sure you are mine, because no one laughs at my silly jokes like you do.

3. you have come such a long way in school (almost to rockstar status) and Daddy and I are so proud because we know it hasn’t come easy to you in the past.

4. you bring me a glass of water “just because” you know I like to have my water beside me.

5. you listen to Daddy and I A LOT of the time, which equally stumps and astounds me. I feel like I ought to be on guard for the teenage years to come, when you become a hellraiser (please don’t!). If you think you are building up extra credit to ignore me when you are 13, think again mister!

6. you take care of your cats like they are your children, which makes me believe you will be a great Dad someday.

7. you use religious references in your spelling sentences at school on a regular basis, which is probably one of the only perks of sending you to a parochial school (kidding… but it is cute).

8. you were and are a blessing I could have never imagined.

Love you buddy. 

Happy 8th Birthday!!

Love, Mommy
Mom (argh, you are already referring to me as just “Mom” and it’s killing me, just so you know)

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3 thoughts on “Eight is Great

  1. It sounds like your little man is growing fast! I am not looking forward to my daughter growing up so fast, but it sounds like you are doing a great job for a beautiful little boy!

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