I had a random conversation with an acquaintance recently, someone that I know to talk about general “stuff” but not ever connected on a personal level. Actually, two people but I need to explain each in its own context.

I somehow knew this person and I would see eye to eye. Kind of that “feeling” that there is more under the surface. I’ve become very guarded in my conversations lately, I don’t know how to explain except to say that I have found a peacefulness in quiet. Maybe reflective is a better word.  What’s different for me is I’ve spent a lot more time listening than talking to family, friends, and strangers.

So it was an odd occurrence when this person asked me, simply, “you look deep in thought, how are things?” And the conversation ebbed and flowed right to the heart. Somehow in 10 minutes we went from talking about our sons to infertility to adoption. She is me. Her life story is a reflection of shared pain and relief.  Forty minutes of talking to someone who not only “gets it” but sees (outside of the job related stress) the part of me that no one notices. She saw through the hardship and saw peace.

How cool is that??

Ironically, acquaintance number two was a mom I met at a sports practice. We sat next to each other watching our sons and started to chit chat. Her son ran over to sip a bottle of Gatorade and I immediately noticed he looked much different from her. I must have smiled a certain way, because as our two boys ran back to the field, she turned and gave the knowing look. For those in the ALI community you get it too… she knew. “Are you an adoptive Mom?”

The answer, “well, not yet…” .. and the conversation ensued.  I smiled driving home the two miles from there to here.

There is goodness in quiet.

And I am thankful that the universe knows it too.

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