Step Two: Working it Out

My last post of 2010 was about taking chances.

Step one, letting the world know about our plans to complete our family via adoption.  And now… An even bigger step.

A new job.

It seems silly to equate my working life even close to that news, but this IS big news. I used my infertility as a crutch for far too many years when it came to work efforts.

I made excuses for not taking on new projects. I didn’t pursue promotions because I worried… “what if?..” what if I was cycling, pregnant, or recovering from miscarriage? What if I needed time off medically? I lived in a state of flux.  I limited my work travel because of ultrasound appointments and calendars. I decided that life was better on permanent hold because I just couldn’t see past the success or failure of my baby making efforts.

Six years of a holding pattern.

And then… The excuses faded away.

Comical, really. Because I could get “the call” at any time now. Tomorrow, next month, next year.

And I may be patient waiting for that call, but I can no longer wait for life to pass me by. I WANT to do more. I want to experience fulfillment in a place other than the places I’ve focused on over those years.

My first step into the unknown on the workfront was a failure.  I stuck my neck out. And I got burned. Or so I thought.

That job I pursued internally last fall (and didn’t work out) led me to another job. A job I liked even more. And guess what?

I got the job.

It’s scary, daunting, exciting, challenging, and it’s mine.

And I didn’t factor anything into my decision based on fear and the unknown. I based it on what will make me happy right now.  I am not looking past this month, this week, THIS DAY.

When I said I was jumping out of the box this year?

Yeah, I wasn’t kidding.

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7 thoughts on “Step Two: Working it Out

  1. Shelli, that is awesome!! I know this stuff can be so scary, but it sounds exciting. When I made a big move last year (so unlike me), I did try to take it one day at a time and that seemed to be the way to go. I'm still taking it one day at a time, but I knew in my gut it was the right time. It sounds like you are similarly at peace with this being the right job and the right time. CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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