Reality bites

Vacation was heavenly. The weather was fabulous. I had that kind of loosey goosey feeling like after a good massage.

And then we returned to reality. S. got some upsetting news from work regarding his future employment, and I was stuck in e-mail hell at work.  Welcome back.
I was hoping that the vacation feeling would have lasted longer than 12 hours after we arrived back in town… really, is that too much to ask???
Anyway, we did have a great time and I will tell you that the healing benefits of 24-hour pool time is better than anything short of a butler standing next to me handing me an icy-cold drink every 30 minutes.

It was ungodly hot and humid, but I was too relaxed to care. The only decisions I had were where to eat and what bathing suit to put on.

David had the time of his life… he was racing down the water slide and catching crabs in the creek with his Daddy. He built sandcastles, and had fun swimming with his grandparents.

**Dude in blue shirt is not Daddy. A nice bystander helped us pick up the crab for fear it would snap off our fingers. (No we are not expert crabbers by any stretch of the imagination. We basically caught the crab and yelled “HELP!!”)

The only downside was I couldn’t use my nifty new SLR camera because it couldn’t hack the quick transition from cold AC to humid and thick air.

But the point and shoot camera served us just fine. Many memories to hold dear…

Is this the look of happiness or what???
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2 thoughts on “Reality bites

  1. I want a day where I don't have to make any decisions for anyone but myself. Just one day. Glad you all had such a good time, and hopefully things will work out with your hubby's job.

  2. Vacation looked wonderful. The real world, not so much. I recommend closing your eyes, picturing the beach and just swimming. No cheating, now! Swim, my friend, swim.

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