Almost Paradise

How many of you saw the blog post title and thought of the song?

We’re knocking on heaven’s door
How could we ask for more?
I swear that I can see forever in your eyes

Ann Wilson and Mile Reno. That is such a high school flashback. I remember slow dancing with my then boyfriend to that song and my heart nearly beating out of my chest. Plus, it reminded me that my alter teenage ego wanted to be a dance partner to Kevin Bacon in Footloose. What the hell ever happened to Mike Reno anyway? Did he lose the headband? Is he still “working for the weekend”? bwahaha.

I’m off track now, aren’t I?

Yes, it’s been pretty quiet around here, and I am sorry for that. The summer is still in full swing here in the Northeast. Many of the kids are back in school already in other areas of the U.S., but we just finished up tutoring classes and finally can start having fun.

David is quite happy, but I am realizing more and more that the power to curb boredom and burnout is keeping him busy, and thus far it’s not been a problem. Now that he’s home with me (while I am working), it is VERY hard to keep him in a schedule.

Most of the days now are like this…

me working in my office for 30 minutes, then tending to him to get him set up with an activity, me working for 30 more minutes, getting him a snack, working, activity, working, outside for 30 minutes, working, cleaning up Play Doh, working, finding him a movie on Disney Channel, working, sorting crayons, working, channel surfing (YES!  I am trying to find Phineas and Ferb! be patient), working,…

you get the idea.

Paradise?oh right, where was I?

Soon we leave for an extended vacation in Hilton Head, SC.  I may not come back.  Every year S. and I stop and look at houses while we are down there, and one of these days…..

So, no matter how busy or frantic I am right now, or how many times I have to say “Shhhhuuusssh!” when David interrupts a conference call for work (DAMN, I can NEVER hit that mute button fast enough), I know that there is an end in sight.

Almost there…

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4 thoughts on “Almost Paradise

  1. And now the song is dancing through my head too. And Mike Reno got old and overweight – he was on some show on VH1, and not only didn't really fit into those pants anymore, he couldn't hit the notes either. Anne, while being larger than in those days, CAN hit the notes still.Enjoy the vacation!

  2. YES! I totally thought of the song, upon reading your title!Happy, happy vacation! Hope you have a wonderful time and are able to REEEELAX with your family.Song is in my head now, thanks! ;p

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