29 Again

David has been attending a summer reading program at a local university, 4X a week in the AM. The class is geared for kids that need a little extra help with reading, and the goal is to bring them up to grade level (or exceed, which most of them do by the end of the clinic). The program is one of the best in the region where I live, and it’s not that easy to get into it.

To get David in, I basically had the program’s secretary on speed-dial from February onwards, and literally hand-delivered forms to ensure our paperwork was first in. Once accepted, the children are tested, and then separated into small groups (not more than 2 kids per tutor). The tutors are graduate students, mostly, and they work under several professors.

You may be wondering, “hey Shelli, how are you working if you are taking David to this class?”  Let me tell you, it puts a serious dent in my working schedule. I am basically M.I.A. from 8:30am to 11:15am. I’m sure my co-workers think I am working on a tan in the mornings.   Bonus! Major university.. no public wifi. That’s right, no Internet connection. The closest wifi is at McDonald’s about 4 miles away. Thank goodness I have a boss who understands and likes me.  Maybe she won’t after this summer.

So I download my e-mail before we leave in the AM, and just spend the time doing what I can do offline while I wait.

The reality… I’ll do whatever it takes to ensure David is successful in school. He had a rough year academically, and we are just catching up to grade level with the help of this course.  I am grateful every day I walk onto campus that David has this opportunity.

So, it’s been three weeks into this course, and I am getting to know and talk to the other parents that are there.  Mostly moms, a sprinkling of dads.

Some observations:
1. Most of the moms that wait with me in the waiting area are teachers themselves, that is perplexing to me, somewhat, but I do get that they are hooked into the latest and greatest, and this is it. I guess even Moms who teach have their limits. lol.

2. The other moms are SAHM’s and bored to tears. They are there because they just want their child in an activity that is learning focused. They make me jealous talking about their large swimming pools.

3. The tiger moms. I say “tiger” because, if I said “cougar” you might think they were there to troll for hot male grad students. But no, these are not older women (like me?) they are simply barracudas when it comes to their kids. By “barracuda” I mean, their kids already have reading skills above average… but they want their child to be THE BEST. IN. THE. UNIVERSE!!

That last observation sets me off. I mean, there are people who COULDN’T get in the program because these jack-o-lanterns (that’s Mom speak for jackasses) push their kids way beyond center.  Argh, they are on the soccer field AND here too!!  groan………….

I am just so perturbed by that.


So, here’s a funny story about today in the waiting room. A dad sat down next to me… I thought he was a student, but he’s like 30, with 4 kids…. hmmmmm…. did I mention he was extremely good looking? Anyway… we got to talking about what we do for a living, he saw my laptop, and eye-rolling commenced. I thought he was aiming at me (what did I do NOW?!), but he was actually eye-rolling the barracuda mom on the other side of the room PAINTING HER NAILS IN THE PUBLIC WAITING ROOM. To which he whispered, “are you the only normal mom here?” LOL.

It gets better.

He asked me about David, and then the loaded question… “do you have any more kids?”

Oh, no he didn’t!  I was just starting to like this guy.

I evaded… no I didn’t really… I think I just said… “no, but we wanted more.” Then he started talking about someone he knew that just had twins and added “get this, can you believe she is 44 years old????”

I smiled (ok, I laughed in my head and almost peed myself). The I said, “well, I wished that had happened to me!”

To which he replied, “well, gosh your so young, you have time!”


OMG. What did he just say???

This guy has NO FLIPPIN’ IDEA that I am 42 years old.

Dude, you made my day….


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6 thoughts on “29 Again

  1. good looking, complimentary, and knows enough to roll eyes at annoying pyscho-moms? (oh, and fertile? :)…) Sometimes all it takes is a little something like that to make the day so much better…!

  2. LOVE that guy!!! As for your descriptions of the moms, I TOTALLY agree with you, particularly about the tiger moms (we used to call them PITAEs at the college I worked at – Pain-In-The-Ass-Entitleds). Unfortunately, get used to them – they seem to be multiplying these days and they're as annoying as mosquitoes. Just know that Karma is a bitch who loves you and has their addresses.

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