Photo Friday: Unexpected Love(s)

Last Friday, the family made our bimonthly expedition to the holy land, otherwise known as Target.

Let me tell you something about Target, it is pure shopping crack. You go there with a list of 3 items, and you leave with 23 items. I can get lost in the seasonal aisles for hours. I am pretty sure that the employees know me on sight, and FOR SURE the Starbucks guy in Target does. Please tell me your Target stores have Starbucks like mine….? it’s heavenly. One of these days I am going to suggest they put my picture on the wall next to the store manager.   I’m that important to their monthly sales.

You wait and see.

Anyway, where was I? Oh, so we were shopping last Friday, and on a whim S. and I spotted a fire bowl. Truth be told, S. was looking for it. I was like, WHY do we need a freaking fire bowl for the patio? What IS a fire bowl?? Why not a chiminea?

Wait, what the hell is a chiminea?  Nah, we do fire bowls here.

Dude, it was ON SALE for $49, so we bought it! And I laughed thinking it was the most dumb, impulsive purchase ever from Target.

And you know what? It was the BEST money ever spent. We fired that baby up at 9pm Saturday night, and beers in hand (David had root beer) we toasted to our most AWESOME patio purchase.  We relaxed by the fire, sang silly songs, and pretended we were stranded on an island with just us and the mighty fire bowl.

We made wishes as the embers floated up to the heavens.

Most unexpected.


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15 thoughts on “Photo Friday: Unexpected Love(s)

  1. Catching up…–Loved your post about the feelings you have regarding spending money on house repairs rather than IF issues. We've been in our house 10 years as well and are beginning to have many of the same home repair issues you mentioned.–David in a martial arts class—How cool! And awesome that the instructor is teaching the students about values, not just "technique."–I'm a big foot girl too… once in a while I can get away with a 9.5, but I usually wear a size 10 shoe.–Lastly, I also LOOOOOVE Target. Like one of your other commenters, my DH and I call it the "Hundred Dollar Store" because somehow lots of "extras" end up in my cart. :)–I'm LOVING the firepit.

  2. It's amazing what you can find at Target if you have the time to look. And since my Target does not have a Starbucks (yet; I'm hoping it's in the works), I try not to browse. Now, if they DID have a Starbucks, it would be a different story.LOVE the firebowl!!! We have one and it's in regular use. Be sure to make s'mores tomorrow night – it's the Great American Backyard Campout!

  3. Not only does my Target have a Starbucks, I can WALK to it from work. Very dangerous. I love fire btu sadly our fire pit has sat unued for the past 2 years. Must fix that…..

  4. Target is so the most evil place on earth. I honestly cannot go there unsupervised. LOL. I love to hate that place. As for your new fire bowl, I am wicked jealous! I just wish I had some place to put one!

  5. I want a firebowl but the husband thinks they look dumb. *giant eyeroll*My circle of friends calls Target the $100 Store, as in you go in for the $3 tube of toothpaste and come out with $100 dollars worth of stuff in your cart. I love target.happy Photo Friday!!

  6. Yes, we have a Starbucks in our Target. It should be outlawed. We had a firebowl…but it was so old it ended up getting tossed at the beginning of the season this year. Now, we have a "permanent" firepit that we built out of those landscaping blocks. LOVE it.

  7. Target is sinful here, and yes, there is a Starbucks in our Target. Thank God the closest one is an hour away in Savannah. Otherwise, I might never leave.

  8. Oh nice!! I've often wanted one, but haven't taken the plunge, and my sister just got one and loves it! Glad it was well worth it! And high-fives for Target! I can get lost there for hours.. just strolling.. and that freakin' dollar spot GETS ME e.v.e.r.y. s.i.n.g.l.e t.i.m.e!

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