Photo Friday: Shoes

I am a member of the big foot club as well.  Mystifying to me, that since age 21 I’ve actually gone up two sizes.  Depending on  the style of shoes, I am a size 10 or an 11 (I like to buy 11’s for sandals and heels).

I’ve always hated my feet.  I have flat feet too, which I’ve probably made worse over the last several years wearing my Uggs in the winter, and my shoe of choice in the summer months, the flip flop.

The altered photo above is for GOOD reason- I haven’t had a pedicure yet this season!  I painted my toes a week ago and they are already chipped.  Should have left it for the professionals…

If you would like to join in the fun of Photo Friday, catch the theme post for the week, and then post your own photo on Fridays and link back @ Calliope’s blog.

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9 thoughts on “Photo Friday: Shoes

  1. Those are cute. I can not do flip flops. Can't stand the between the toe thing. Even at the nail salon, the few feet from the pedi chair to the drying area in flip flops is TORTURE!

  2. Alas, my feet are teeny tiny (size 4), but shaped like minuture flippers and are almost as wide as they are long. So, I can never find shoes that fit. sigh.

  3. I too am a size 10, sometimes 11. It's all sorts of wrong as I'm only 5 4". I like to say I have the "feet of a supermodel." 🙂 It would be criminal for me to show my feet to the world. I used to get them monthly, if not more often. I haven't had a pedicure in probably a year. SCARY!

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