Friday Fragmentary Thinking

So much to say.

I just haven’t been in the mood to write it down. Or have the time, really. It’s been a crazy month, and June looks like it will be equally as crazy.

So this post is just a mish-mash of what’s been going on in my head lately.

Yesterday, we went to the zoo for David’s first grade class trip. It was great. Great weather, great time.

The coolest thing? The prairie dogs, the bears, the otters, the turtles, the cheetahs!… oh heck, just everything!  We’ll be going back soon to see everything we missed.  It’s hard to fit it all in with just a few hour window.

Pictures courtesy of my main man, S. who basically just followed the pack of Moms, Dads, and kids with my new camera.

Last week was David’s 7th birthday party. This was the first party I had at a party “place” instead of at home. He had a great time. We had family and friends from school. I must admit I liked not having to cook or clean up. lol.

Can I express my frustation at that 47 year old “celebrity” who is pregnant? Should I comment that I am a little PO’ed that by not disclosing HOW she got pregnant is merely giving a bad education to women out there that think they can pop out babies into their late 40’s? With their own body parts?  Who freakin’ knows…maybe she is in the lucky .00005%.  I certainly made that percentage on the flip side of unluckiness.

Perhaps I should convert to scien.tology. There’s one thing I haven’t tried yet.

Lastly, but not leastly… who watched Grey’s last night on the edge of their freaking seats?

And who’s with me on Sunday watching THE LAST episode of LOST??? I am beyond sad to see this show end.  Prepare for some live tweeting and lots of tears on Sunday.

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9 thoughts on “Friday Fragmentary Thinking

  1. 1. still havent watched my dvr of Greys. Just looking to carve out the time to devote–but everyone was talking about it!2. Hurray for a no cooking/clean up birthday party. Or the pre-clean. I hate the pre-clean followed so closely by a post-clean. 3. Also…so not her eggs. I'm not even sorry for being so blunt. And I don't care if I am being a petty gossiper about apersonIknownothingabout. Because I just don't buy it (though guessing she did…guffaw, guffaw…)

  2. Happy (late) bday to your sweet boy.And I'll be right there missing LOST with you. I looooove the show!And yes—Grey's had quite the finale. I enjoyed it, but don't understand how the Swat team shot the shooter….who was then still able to walk around the hospital. What the heck? 🙂

  3. I'll be the annoying one & tell you my mom conceived my little brother when she was 46 and had him when she was three months shy of turning 47. Yes, naturally. Not expected, but it did happen naturally w/out any intervention. (And my grandma had my dad, the youngest of 12, when she was 45, but she'd been having babies a few years apart for a couple of decades at that point.) She had children in 1963, 1966, 1968, 1978, and 1987 (plus a m/c in the early '80s). So yeah, it happens, but it doesn't happen all that often.I'm with ya on Lost. I'm in pre-mourning. I can't wait to see what happens, but at the same time, I want there to be MORE. *sigh*

  4. Kelly Preston's pregnancy is ridiculous. Does ANYONE believe that she did it naturally? Why, yes, I think the fertiles in this world think it's actually that east. makes me crazy.

  5. Did you have his party at one of those jump places? Either way, I'm sure he had loads of fun and nothing beats not cleaning. LOL!I am not up with my celeb news, so I'm not sure who you are talking about. Grey's – wowza!

  6. I have missed your blog posts, my friend. :)I so wish we were in the same time zone so I would be able to live tweet Lost WITH you! I had the same initial thought about KP's pregnancy. Obviously, it's personal stuff, but when another late 40's woman shows up pregnant and lets people think it happened organically, it does a disservice to those women who think they can wait until 40 or even 45 to have a baby! I have a lot of respect for the women who are honest about their journey…and their eggs or lack therof.

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