Photo Friday: My Home Desk

The theme this week is my home desk area.

This is where the magic happens (or doesn’t as of late)… heh. This is my blogging spot, and my work spot. Sorry I didn’t clean up for you.

Observe the many piles of papers and very unorganized cables connecting my various tech gadgets.

In the second photo, my prized posession is an original signed watercolor I bought last year on my annual vacation to Hilton Head Island. I actually purchaed this in a small store in the town of Beaufort, SC. So beautiful there.  If you haven’t been, you MUST. GO.

Only thing missing from my messy desk is my venti Latte… 

If you would like to join in the fun, catch the theme post for the week, and then post your own photo on Fridays and link back @ Calliope’s blog.

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4 thoughts on “Photo Friday: My Home Desk

  1. love it!!! I am really laughing how people think their desks are messy and I think they are spotless.(also- e-mail me so I can resize your header to match your swank new template!)

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