Potty Mouth

Sawyer is one of my most favorite characters on Lost.

I stumbled on the most precious gems of Lost compilations today featuring (hello!) Sawyer and a couple other Lost friends expressing their disgust over the years. Nothing makes a comic relief statement like a bleeping! expletive.


I’m going to miss this show…

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6 thoughts on “Potty Mouth

  1. Finally catching up, so please forgive my long comment…–Really related to your "Solitary" posts, as I too lack friends irl that I can discuss my SIF issues with. I especially related to the concern for my daughter in the future….YES I want a sibling for her now, but much of the reason I long for a sibling for her is so that she isn't alone when DH and I are gone someday. Sighs.–David's journal entry and pics for Prayer Bear day were SO cute!–Related to your (and Mel's) posts regarding "the smile." Tomorrow I'm attending my 2nd baby shower of the week…I know "the smile" will be with me as soon as I leave my house. –Sorry the adoption seminar meeting was difficult. Hope you've been feeling more settled now that you've had some time to decompress a bit.–Pics of your DH and David on the motorcycle were awesome!–I too love LOST and am sad to see it go. Thanks for the Sawyer montage, too funny!

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