This post is going to be a lot about nothing. You see, I popped on to my blog dashboard and saw my last post was #666 on BagMomma.

Cleary, I don’t need any more bad mojo around these parts so I present to you, post 667… representing all things not connected with the devil.

Ok, so now that’s out of the way.

I’ve been a bit tired and headachey this week, and I guess I need to attribute that to lack of sleep. I’ve been doing a lot of TV watching this week which has been cutting in to my sleepytime.

Of course, Monday I couldn’t bear to go to bed before confirming the rumors were true- Jake picked Vienna on The Bachelor. Oh hell no! Truth be told, I was prepared. You see, I read one of those spoiler sites that mapped out the entire season before it even started. Why do I even care about this crap, I’ll never understand… but I was hooked.

Poor Tenley was left curbside, like a real-life horrifying Disney plot (her profession prepared her well)… like when Bambi’s mother was shot by a hunter, or Nemo’s mother was eaten by a shark. The audience was equal parts shocked and let down. I have to hand it to the braintrust from The Bachelor… geniuses. Instead of the traditional happy ending, the villainess wins. You know Jake’s mother is having a sh!t fit over this.

Credit: ABC

And Jake must be some sort of Golden Ticket for ABC. Now he’s on DWTS too! Talk about extending his fifteen minutes of fame… three TV seasons with this dude. He’s going to need the extra cash, because we all know Vienna is high maintenance. Kidding! Not.

I’m also blissfully taking in the last episodes of Lost. I am so bummed that this is it. I’ve never truly been addicted to a series like I have with Lost. No spoilers here, but I will say it looks like we reached the top of the mountain, and it’s all downhill now.

This is the time when there is no “jumping the shark”, and we finally get to see the plot and the characters go bonkers.  Love it.

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One thought on “667

  1. I was obsessed with this season's Bachelor. Normally, I just watch bits and pieces, but this time I was hooked. Jake seemed like a really good guy, until he let his other head decide his future.

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