Literary Lenten Feast

It’s that time again for the Lenten season. I will admit that I’ve been brushing up on my knowledge of all things Catholic as David starts to ramp up for next year, the “big” year, which is his preparation for first Holy Communion. David has decided to sacrifice “chocolate” until Easter, which I think is pretty ambitious for a six year old, no?

Well, either that or very crafty considering he knows Easter guarantees him chocolate. That’s my boy… always thinking ahead.

His class has been working on a little project… each day for the next month the kids all get a turn to bring home a bear for one day. The purpose, two-fold… to carry around the bear while they do good deeds. The next morning, they each write about their experiences in the same journal, include a picture, and offer a prayer.

Yesterday, was David’s day.   Behold, the mind of a first grader…

how did he get this old so fast?? {sob!}

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4 thoughts on “Literary Lenten Feast

  1. Priceless. And yet another reminder for you of the amazingness of the miracle boy you have raised…It made my heart ache a bit.xxooo

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