Moon Landing

It’s like the moon splash landed on New Jersey (notice the wall of snow that is TALLER than my neighbors car).

We even broke the snowblower.  Twice.

Perhaps someone played a practical joke and unloaded a couple thousand tons of marshmallow fluff on my lawn.

S. went to work today. I’m not sure how he even made it in. I am still snowed in with the boy. I am working as my internet connection stays connected.  I am eating more than I should.

I am praying for Spring.

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4 thoughts on “Moon Landing

  1. Great description! But what I really want to know is — did you get the magenta boots? Mine arrive today and while I still think they are pretty ugly my toes were warm and happy.

  2. But it looks so pretty…at least right now while it's still nice and white! PS my word verification is "trotundr"…I don't think you can trot under that snow! OK…I'm being stupid!

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