Christmas Wrap

I can’t let the year finish without the obligatory Post-Christmas post. I guess I am off my game this year, because I really don’t have many pictures. Damn!  I was busy taking some video, and left the picture taking to S., and well… that didn’t work out so great.

Truth be told, it’s no secret that I’ve had a Nikon camera on my wish list for years now, and thanks to “the-expenses-I-care-not-to-talk-about” it’s hard to justify buying it.  Just me and my crappy camera for now.

We did have a nice holiday.  All the snow melted from earlier in the week thanks to a drenching downpour Christmas Day, which gives a good excuse to DO NOTHING.  I spent the entire weekend in the house with David and husband, building Legos, and playing video games.  I am now a resident expert of Lego Rock Band for Nintendo DS.  Yes I AM. And proud of it.

This week, while I’ve been working like a crazed lunatic, S. and David have been having fun.  Lots of fun.    Not that I am missing it all (well, I sort of am) but I am a wee bit jealous.

While I am hip-deep in my financial reporting and firedrills for work, they have been embracing some serious 1×1 male bonding time.  And for the first time in recorded history, they are grocery shopping for me.  ALONE.  God help me.

As New Years Eve looms tomorrow, I had thought about posting my annual why the year sucked bad post.  But that’s getting repetitve. 

I’ve got a lot of bitching to do but not in the mood to do it.

In fact, I have a lot of emotions to share with you all, but I don’t want to pay it lip-service.  For now, I am enjoying having my boys (the big and little one) home with me. 

I just can’t drag myself into that dark place right now.  Next week, when work calms down, I have a few items on my to-do list.

This year will be the year of healing.

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