Snow Week

So if you live on the Eastern seaboard, you all know that it’s been a pretty harrowing week weather-wise. Locally, we had abour 26″ of snow dumped on us on Saturday, and that snow hasn’t gone anywhere since it’s been below freezing since then.

David’s school was closed yesterday, and now, today and tomorrow as well. All because the township couldn’t get their act together and plow the damn roads. We live in Jersey, people!  Not NC or SC. This should be a piece of cake.

So now that David’s winter two week break has morphed into the f-o-r-e-v-e-r break, I am a little jealous… I have no days off in the next two weeks (except for Christmas and New Years Day). It’s the year end madness at my work, and the downside of working at home for a company that is revenue-driven and December-is-last-call-for-every-nickel is NO SNOW DAYS.

So for all of you that are enjoying the winter weather around here, have some fun outside for me. For my southern friends, and my West Coast buddies, here’s what two feet of snow looks like. lol.

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6 thoughts on “Snow Week

  1. I must admit, I'm a little jealous. But I can say that because I grew up in NY with tons of snow and have since lost touch with reality. Where we are in VA, it snowed for all of 10 minutes… total. But B still went outside and caught some flakes on her tongue and I whipped up some cocoa and cookies and made a big huge deal out of… well, nothing. But hey, I'm in the business of making memories!:o( I want snow

  2. Thanks for the reminder—I don't want to move back to Ohio despite how much I miss my family. I just can't do all that cold, white, wet stuff. It's gorgeous! I just don't do cold!Here's to plenty of hot cocoa and work revenue that isn't too time cumbersome. 🙂

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