25 Christmases Later

So while I was taking a break from work today, I stumbled upon a classic Christmas tune that I LOVE to sing in the car. After seeing the video again (which I don’t believe I have in a decade or two) I couldn’t sing along because I was laughing all the way through it.


Oh yes, it’s George Michael and his pal Andrew with a bunch of friends having a grand ole time in the mountains… sipping wine in a ski chalet and giving “come hither” looks to the camera. An 80’s masterpiece.

Back when this song was popular, I was a teen in high school and thought George Michael was actually a straight male.

He fooled all of us I tell you!!

He with the Barry Gibb hair and Dentyne smile (If you don’t know who Barry Gibb is, or what Dentyne was… well, you suck. No, just kidding. …ok, maybe not.)

Oh, how this song brings back memories. “Oh, here’s this pin! Please wear it. Oh, you tramp, you Flashdance Queen…! Why, I wasted a perfectly good rhinestone pin I COULD HAVE WORN!!  or at least given to someone BETTER than YOU.” Pshaw.

1984 was a good year.  I remember Christmas of 1984.  I remember wearing my Guess Brand jeans, and my off the shoulder pink sweater from “The Limited”, complemented by my lime green plastic hoop earrings.  I probably just celebrated one of my friends birthdays with a Smurf cake, and I am definitely sure that I had Calvin Klein Obsession perfume on my holiday gift list, along with the soundtrack from the movie, “Against All Odds”.

That was 25 years ago. 

I am officially ancient.

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11 thoughts on “25 Christmases Later

  1. I still love, love, love this song. 🙂 The jingle bells get me EVERY time. I was madly in love with GM at the time. He was "fine," if I recall. lol. He definitely had us ALL fooled. I still think he's ripe for a huge comeback because despite his recent issues, the man is an incredibly talented singer/songwriter. Wham was my 2nd concert and I still get atoot and a flutter when I hear the chorus to "Bad Boys…" I had the fluorescent swirly whirly earrings and fingerless gloves, fluorescent plastic bracelets, the whole shebang. Man, those were the days, huh? 🙂

  2. *dreamy sigh* WHAM! Gay or not, those boys were GOOD looking! Maybe even a little TOO good looking, now that I'm seeing the video..hmmmAhhh guess jeans and Obsession. Two of my very favorite things back in the day!*HUGS*

  3. That is just beautiful. I always had a thing for Andrew personally. Was he straight at least?Is it bad I still kind of like that song?And if you were able to get the real Obsession, I am jealous. I had to settle for the Designer Imposters version in the aerosol can. "If you like Obsession, you'll love Confess."–MM

  4. Aren't you supposed to be HAVING A BABY right about now?? lol. And you are here commenting on my blog.he he.Hoping you sponanteously go today that way you don't have to wait until Monday. xo

  5. I have to admit, he never had me fooled. Not for a 2nd. But I've got a pretty finely tuned gaydar, having had a very gay friend in high school.But omg, that vid is priceless. The hair. The glasses. What were people thinking…?!?!I still like some of his songs, and he's got a good voice.1984… I was cutting out the necks of sweatshirts for that awesome Flashdance look. And browsing The Limited, trying to explain to my mother why I had to have this or that. After a while, I just went without her, she SO didn't get it. LOLObsession. Oh yes. I can almost smell it now.Did you have to point out it was 25 years ago…? Whatevs, I'm in total denial, personally.Age ain't nuthin' but a numbah!:)

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