Funny Girl

Who watches Glee? Is Sue Sylvester not the most evil incarnation of an antagonist you’ve ever watched on a TV show? I love the dark humor, almost as much as I loved the rendition of “Don’t Rain on my Parade” this week. I think I liked it just as much as when Streisand sang it!!

Pure genius I tell you…

And for those wondering, NO, I am not abandoning my blog. Shifting focus, maybe, but not disappearing. If you dislike my vain attempts at humor, you may want to bail now. At the core of it all, I revert to laughter in times of uncertainty and I do plan on laughing again.  Just as soon as I stop crying.

I do.

I also have my posse of infertile friends to keep me busy obsessing about their cycles (now that I don’t have my own to think about). I’ve got my buds about to become mommies for the first time. Surely you want my unsolicted advice on teething and swaddling, right? And lastly, but not leastly… the rest of you… My  Super-Duper Band of Sisters and Supporters. You’ve always been there for me, I continue to be there for you.

I end with something I haven’t done a lot of lately. Picture time! as we approach the season of many holidays.  Sigh…  this could be the last one with Santa before he’s tarnished.  lol.

See?  I’m laughing!

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4 thoughts on “Funny Girl

  1. Catching up…–You brought me to tears with your"Not necessarily closing the book, just bookmarking it if I ever choose to return."I am struggling right now. Do I want to pursue tests and appointments to find out why we aren't getting (and staying) pregnant with Kid#2? I'm so close to the "dreaming" point. While I really, really, really want a sibling for Em…I don't want to spend money to get there. Anyway, I was moved by your post, thank you.–I also really appreciated the post where you weighed the pros/cons of adoption, embryo transfer, etc. Awesome food for thought.–Last, but not least, I LOVE GLEE! I was in Show Choir in Ohio all from 7-12th grade and loved it! (Not to mention the hot choir director who graduated in '93, the same year I graduated high school!) I think the show is witty and fun….and Sue is sooooo evil, but I love it!

  2. I'm a MadMen addict, myself. But if you're talking about that blonde comedian chick who was in 40-year Old Virgin… she is absolutely hilarious and I lurve her.You have such a handsome son who is clearly a happy, well-adjusted boy. You can see it in his eyes. I'm glad you're not going away (didn't think you were), I enjoy your posts, regardless of the topic. Cuz sometimes it's good NOT to talk about kids and IF, no?:)Meant to comment on your previous post: I'm glad the image you chose is a door with an opening. Not necessarily an exit in my mind, but a new door, perhaps. I am holding good thoughts for better outcomes and sudden influx of DOLLAHS so that you can make your dreams come true.

  3. 1. I heart Glee. Seriously. It always makes me feel happy. I am pretty sure I cried when they did their first "Dont Stop Believin" song back when they were first forming…in their red t shirts…and I STILL adore the show. And Sue. She's perfectly cast. I think so many of them are. Nothing like frivilous, happy tv with awesome sings (I suuuuuck at singing) to bring smiles into our days.2. Glad you're not abandoning. I think you're a great blogger…IF or not. And I'd miss you.3. Thanks for cheering me on as I still keep plowing through the IF mess…I value your insights, your experiences…and your overall kick ass support.4. That picture screams sweetness.XO.

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