Oh, hello. It’s me.

The previously regular blogger that has become decidedly unpredictable. Can you blame me?

Oh, there’s so much to say, and so little time. Today anyway.

Should I start with the crazy lunatic lady at the C.oach store today that was mad because the zipper on her purse was “too stiff” so she rubbed half a bar of I.rish Spring on the zipper and handed her purse to the staff proclaiming… “I want my zipper replaced!”    …Ma’am, you might want to go down the street to Louis Vuitto.n for that.

Or should I tell you about the delusions that I’ve been having with S. and our semi-serious conversations regarding domestic adoption? And our completely crazy conversations regarding spending more money to go to a big clinic and do another donor cycle (with imaginary money)?

Or perhaps you’d like to hear the story of when my RE called with the reason I had such a terrible FET? let me quote for you… “We’ve never-ever experienced such a poor thaw rate with 7 good embryos EVER in our clinic!”

Oh yes, they said that.

Maybe you are wondering how our family is doing after last week’s events.  Short story to tell there. 

All that, AND MORE! coming your way after Thanksgiving.

Why? Because I have three toilets to clean, 4 side dishes to prep, tables to set up, four loads of laundry, the dusting, the toy cleaning, the shopping…

Oh, it will be a riot.

You’ll see.

Happy Thanksgiving, peeps…

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