I have a lot to say, but just don’t have the energy to put it into words right now.  That day is coming soon though…  just not today.   Don’t worry, I’m not abandoning my blog.  Just waiting for the inspiration to move me.

I am writing today to offer up a heartfelt “thank you” to my brother and sister-in-law. Yesterday was a special day for our families. My brand new niece was baptized yesterday, and S. and I were the Godparents. You might be thinking that it was a bittersweet day for S. and I under the circumstances, but you couldn’t be more wrong.

It was, in fact, the most beautiful day…. and I found myself smiling ear to ear all the way through it. It means the world to me that we were able to be active participants in such an important milestone.

Thank you K.   Thank you for your unwaivering support and always holding out your hand to me. It has not been easy to be related to me.  I have far too much baggage, and most sane people would have given up on me by now.  My self-preservation mode has often found me isolating myself, and there are such rare moments when I don’t feel like the stranger looking from the outside in.  You have always managed to make me feel included and wanted, and never a stranger.  That is a feat unto itself.

Having a day like yesterday makes me feel human again. It was the closest I’ve felt to being “me” again in a long time.

It was the best day.

Thank you.

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6 thoughts on “Gratitude

  1. For all the people in our lives who don't "get it," it is such a blessing to have those loved ones who do or at least try to… That is awesome that your brother and sister-in-law asked you to be Godparents! It is such an honor and I know you are/will be an incredible Godmother! It meant so much to me when Bob's brother and our sister-in-law asked us to be their daughter's Godparents not long after Molly died. I am glad to know that your brother and sister-in-law have stood by you on this difficult journey. Hang in there and thanks for another beautiful post! (((HUGS)))

  2. here from the blog roundup..and just wanted to say, what a gorgeous post. I had 2 friends (along with my family) that did this for me and when I finally did get PG and have the boys, I sent them both a letter just like this one, to thank them for standing there, hanging in there with me, when I too..had way too much baggage and depression looming. You are a great person and I'm glad I got to read this.

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