I Want Candy

Day two of bedrest.

So with the incredibily suck-ass news yesterday, I forgot to update you all on the flu situation here at the house.

David, yes, is an H1N1 victim (as is a host of kids in his school). This morning, as I was sipping coffee and eating a peanut butter cup (don’t judge me, the coffee was decaf, and the candy, well, wasn’t.. it’s Halloween week for goodness sakes so what better time to eat candy than 7:30am??)

I digress.

So, David is starting to feel better. He still has a fever, albeit a low-grade one now. He’s out of school for the week, which means he misses all the Halloween parties so he’s already guilting me into a toy from Target this weekend.

Meanwhile, S. and I have no symptoms. However, I began taking Tamiflu as a precaution (recommended because of my situation). Can I just tell you how EVIL Tamiflu is??? Tamiflu makes you feel like you HAVE the flu (minus the fever). What the hell hair-brained idiot thought that one up? I should have read the damn prescription dossier before I took it.

In any event, my goal is to stay healthy.

I cannot guarantee, however, that I will not consume the entire bag of peanut butter cups. I will attempt to balance it out with a salad or two, don’t worry.

Thank you all for you kind comments and e-mails. It is because of you that I have any shred of humor left today.

I’ve decided to not think about what will happen if this doesn’t work. Well, I know, sure…. it’s a giant road sign that screams “THE END”, but I figure I’ll spend the next week pretending it’s not there.

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5 thoughts on “I Want Candy

  1. Peanut butter is high in protein. Just focus on that. And tackle one obstacle at a time. Worry about the next step if and when you get there and not a moment sooner.Stay healthy!–MM

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