The Lone Ranger

My bad luck follows me like a stray dog.

They had to thaw all 7 remaining embryos, and of those, only ONE made it through the thaw.  My clinic has a 70% thaw rate.  There I go beating the crappy odds once again.

I’m disappointed, sad, and generally pissed off.

The one that made it is “extremely good quality”, so says embryologist. I know it only takes one, but let’s face it… the odds are already slim that an FET will work at all, and now I just decreased my odds even further.

My journey… it’s so close to the end.

And now I have 48 hours of bedrest to ponder it over and over.


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21 thoughts on “The Lone Ranger

  1. I was stunned when I read this news earlier in the week. There's definitely some truth to an earlier comment about how good of quality the transferred embryo must be. Watching you go through this brings back so many memories of two years ago. How is your husband doing with all this?

  2. Things like this just make a person want to spew out a whole string of four-letter words. I am so sorry about the six. I hope the one on board turns out to be Lucky Number Seven.LFCA

  3. Crap.I just don't f-ing understand how this can be!?!Oh, well, I don't want YOU to think any negative thoughts about the Lone Ranger. We're thinking lots of happy, dividing thoughts!And, don't worry, if you can't….I will.Hoping, wishing and praying HARD that your luck changes.((HUGS))

  4. damn!! I am so bummed about the thaw stats. But I am now focusing my hopes on your dear ranger. Wish I could come over and keep you company…just know that there are lots and lots of us hoping and praying.xo

  5. What a disappointment. We all know that one is all that's needed, but that certainly doesn't it make it any easier to swallow. But, I hope, with all of my might, that this one is THE ONE. Try to stay positive, my dear. I know how incredibly hard that must be right now, but the game is not over. Not by a long shot!

  6. WTF – why does your blog never update in my reader? grrr!!! I didn't hear back via e-mail and didn't see any updates, so I just had to check and there it is!Ughhh. Fuck, girl. That's ridiculous. I don't get it. I know you don't, either. It's like a really bad joke. I wish that I could say something more supportive.This better be one damn good embryo who knows how to do its fucking job.E-mail me, 100x a day if you have to. I'll respond to them all :O).

  7. Don't give up hope. The hope is the best part about this whole *beeping* process. Long, long ago in a hospital far away I transferred two very sad thawed embryos. One had only 4 cells and lots of fragmentation, the other had 6 cells but even more fragmentation. When I asked our RE about our chances that one would stick, he shrugged and said "Twenty percent?". Wellll….our twins will be turning four next month. You just never know. 🙂 Tons and tons of luck, and finger crossed.

  8. Oh crap, I'm sorry. I know it's hard to be hopeful, but do you remember Lena from OS? She had only one embryo (can't recall if it was frozen) and it was not good quality, they were giving her minimal hope, etc. and it did stick. Again, I know it's hard to be hopeful and so easy for me to say, but please take it easy the next few days and hang on to the hope. Thinking about ya…

  9. that sucks. I shall be here as a cheerleader – whoo oooing for your lone ranger.Bed rest could be fun – ask tea and movies, books and foot rubs. Good luck my dear friend. EB

  10. (((HUGS))) Sending lots of positive thoughts, prayers and sticky vibes your way. I am sorry to hear that only one survived the thaw. 😦 That really sucks. I know you are probably sick of hearing that "it only takes one." But it does only take one and I am hoping and wishing after everything you have been through on this journey that this is the one, the one you have worked so hard and waited so long for. Hang in there and congrats on being PUPO! 🙂

  11. That is really disappointing, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the outcome of this cycle is a hugely pleasant surprise. It's not over 'til it's over.

  12. I'm thinking of you Shelli… I don't know if it would help to remind you that we had two sorta-blasts transferred with a 65% chance of success… and look where I am now. It can happen. It's so easy to go to the dark side, and going to the positive can lead to heartbreak. I would say try not to go too far in either direction until you've got some confirmation either way.I am sending lots of good vibes your way, hoping for a good outcome.

  13. I know you are disappointed to only have one to survive the thaw – but think how strong that one embie is. He/she made it far enough along to freeze in the first place, then it was the only one strong enough to survive the thaw – I'd say that's one super embie. Especially considering the embryologist's comments about it being extremely good quality – I'm thinking this one may very well be the one! I hope your luck improves.

  14. Wow. Your week has just been improving by leaps and bounds. Argh. I hope you can do something on bedrest you want to do but never get to…I always plan to organize photos into albums, or rent some stupid tv drama I have never watched but always secretly want to (if I ever get a chance to be on bedrest again, I think I'll start with season one of Nip/Tuck. Shhhh)I hope this one loner will decide to hang around…Hugs…

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