Zultan, the Magnificent

This weekend, we went to a Halloween party hosted by my neighbor, who is the ultimate party hostess. Her house, decorated inside and out is a Halloween showpiece. She spends weeks (yes, I said WEEKS) prepping for the holiday. I wish you could all see it, really I do.

So anyway, she has a ton of rare Halloween items, and one of them is a real fortune telling machine. Are any of you are familiar with Zoltar (from the movie “Big”)? Well, she has a tabletop version that is every bit as mystical and cool…  meet Zultan.

Zultan was busy that night giving out fortunes. All you had to do was press a button, wait for the curtain to open, and listen. Most of the fortunes were sort of depressing. Aren’t these types of games supposed to be rigged to sway towards the positive??  Come on!

I mean, would you keep playing with the Magic 8 Ball if it only said, “better luck next time”, “the future is uncertain”, “get lost, you’re bad luck” (ok, I made that one up).

But I like to live on the edge.  Was I going to let Zultan ruin my party mood?  Hell no.

So I pressed the button.

And Zultan?

He told me my hearts desire will be mine. My wish will come true.

Zultan, you may be the economy version of Zoltar, but thank you.

For keeping my hope alive.

I needed that.

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5 thoughts on “Zultan, the Magnificent

  1. Ha. That's perfect. A lovely omen!! Another perfect one I saw was out of a fortune cookie to my brother-in-law, who's a pain in the ass on a good day. It said "the chef spit in your food".I've been a believer in those things ever since!

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