Me, me, me

I have a backlog of memes I’ve been tagged for in the last couple of weeks.  My blogging friend Melissa tagged me for this one.  It’s sort of a photo-centric one about your favorite things.  This blog needs a pick-me-up post, so be forewarned…    I am stressed, and my comic timing is rusty:

1. Your favorite beverage:
No surpises here… a venti please.

2. Your hometown:

I am a Jersey girl, but my heart belongs to Philadelphia. As a kid we shopped there (at Gimbels and Lits).  I lived there when I went to college. I had friends that lived there in my twenties. I worked there for MANY years.  S. and I’s favorite hangout bar (was) there for many years. And, when I used to travel a lot for work, I lived at PHL (the airport). My EAGLES are there (although they disappointed me tremendously last weekend..argh)! …and, there’s nothing more comforting than a Geno’s cheesesteak.

3. Your favorite television show:
Well, duh…!

4. Your occupation:
Chief cook and bottle washer for an IT company. No, you don’t wanna know….  and no, that’s not me in the photo, but WTF??  Is this like computer geek por.n from the 70’s?

5. Your first car:
My 1986 Ford Escort!  It was new, blue, and definitely NOT a guy magnet.  I was, however very safe and the car was small enough to parallel park in the city.  AND since I was one of the few in my circle of friends with a reliable car, I was always the driver.  Always.  My parents would have been proud of my responsible role in college.

6. Your favorite dish:
mmmmm…. crab cakes.

7. Celebrity you’ve been told you resemble:
No one.  Does that make me unique, or just forgettable?

8. Celebrity on your “to do” list:
I like the versatility of a guy that can bust out a show tune AND rip out someone’s neck with claws and still appear totally likeable.  And he’s hot.

9. Your favorite childhood toy:
I had one of those Barbie heads..  you know the ones in which you style the hair.    I couldn’t find a picture of the 70’s version, but you get the idea.  To be truthful, I had everything Barbie- even down to the Barbie Corvette (it was an automatic car I sat in and drove).  I had a Barbie Doll cake for my 5th birthday for crying out loud.  I was a girly girl for sure.

10. Any random picture:
Since we are approaching Halloween, I wanted to take you back to Halloween 2005.  David was 2, and this was a picture of him from a party at his then daycare.  Hard to believe how quickly the years have ticked by.

I’m not going to tag anyone, but if you do this on your blog, link back so I can see some of your favorite things and memories!

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3 thoughts on “Me, me, me

  1. Hi ShelliNot sure if you remember me – ages ago I used to read your blog, not quite sure what happened – I think my computer crashed and I lost all my bookmarks.Anyway, I'm back :)D is cute as ever!

  2. b would totally love a barbie head! oh my god, totally forgot about those. hmm.. everything else has come back, i wonder if those have. off to check..

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