The world we live in…

Yesterday, we bought pumpkins to decorate and put on the front step.

David spent a considerable amount to time drawing a vampire, a skeleton, and a graveyard with markers on one pumpkin.

He proudly put it on the front step last night.
This morning, we woke to smashed pumpkins on our front lawn. Our ghosts in the tree were pulled down and destroyed.
Looking down the street, I see the vandals threw potted mums and destroyed other neighbors yards as well.

This makes me sad.

How do you explain such crap to a six year old?

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10 thoughts on “The world we live in…

  1. This happened one year to XBoy. He was 4. He hasn't forgotten it and each Halloween asks, "Do you think anyone will steal my pumpkin if I decorate it?"I'm very happy to be living out in the boonies now.

  2. That's such a sad testament to the way kids can be. That being said, there were kids driving around hitting mailboxes with baseball bats in the 60's too. I guess the more things change, the more they stay the same. I hope David isn't too terribly sad about his pumpkin. 😦

  3. Poor kid! I, for one, would call the police; they may have an idea of the troublemakers in the neighborhood. That, and I'd put more pumpkins out – with a deer fence around them!

  4. That is terrible! Makes me sad, too, for your son and furious. What is wrong with people? We have a sweet elderly couple who lives across the street from us and someone just toliet-papered their trees. I don't get it.

  5. Poor little guy. I hate when kids have to be so immature and ruin someone else's happiness. Maybe surprise him with new pumpkins and have them in the house so no one can destroy them again.

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