Proof my life revolves around Infertility and Handbags

I’m not one for blog statistics, but once in awhile I dig in to see how people have happened upon this blog.

I call it the Keyword Boredom Buster. Last time I posted about this I focused on some of the serious/heartbreaking search terms, so this is the more lighthearted version.

“is a 5 day transfer a good thing?” well, sure, if it works!

“jack sparrow pregnancy” oooh, is this the new twist for the next Pirates of the Caribbean installment? Something tells me this is stretching Johnny Depp’s acting range. No- a pregnant male pirate is not an image I want in my head. But thanks for putting it there.

“fortune for getting pregnant” well, I can tell you it hasn’t appeared in any of my fortune cookies, but if it does, I’ll let you know.

“i’m infertile and I hate celebrities” yeah, me too.

“help, I’m trapped in a zoo” I hope you’re not in the lions den. Good luck with that.

“cheap handbag looks expensive” You are KILLING me! This just does not exist. It DOES Not.

“is ringing in my ear sensing danger” Are you on my favorite show, Heroes?? …either that or you have an ear infection. I’m betting ear infection.

“only infertiles are intelligent” I like you.

“is transfer implantation” I hope you are someone googling this because you are intrigued by the media’s apparent lack of intelligence in that they simply CANNOT get the terminology right (especially with regards to recent events in the news). You TRANSFER embryos, not IMPLANT them. Using the word “implant” implies that people that undergo IVF should SUCCEED, and we ALL know how untrue that is. Oh hell, I just stepped onto my soapbox. Stepping down now.

“I love coffee more than husband” Disturbing and truthful.

“I’m stored in the closet” Hopefully, you have some nice handbags to look at. Is it dark in there? Wait, are YOU a handbag?

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8 thoughts on “Proof my life revolves around Infertility and Handbags

  1. This post gave me quite a chuckle. And for the record, please step on your "implantation soapbox" as often as you care to. Please. Because maybe if more of us intelligent infertiles did so, the rest of the uninformed (yet fertile) world would learn not to misuse the word. (I ALWAYS correct people. Always. Yep. I am that annoying about it. Sigh. But some people never learn…)

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