It’s hard to believe I started this blog three years ago.

635 posts later… strangely, not much has changed.

In speaking to a friend yesterday, I mentioned the weirdness of time- how the years are going by so fast, yet in some instances… achingly slow.

When I think back to the first couple of months posting to this blog it makes me a little teary. I had experienced just one miscarriage back then (and a chemical pregnancy that didn’t make it to 16dpo), but I still had a never-ending supply of hope and resilience.

Hell, I would give *anything* to have that back.

I guess things have really changed.

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2 thoughts on “635

  1. I'm sorry I missed your blogoversary. Happy blogoversary, Shelli.I think that one of the best parts about blogs (the time capsule effect) can also be the hardest part of a blog (reflecting on where you were then).

  2. Yes, but think how much character you've built. I don't know about you, but I hate it when people say that to me. I would prefer a relatively even balance between character, hope and optimism. Doesn't even really have to be that balanced, I'd settle for the damn presence of hope and optimism. Without having to force it – or feel like I'm tempting every bored fate out there to take a potshot at me. I think it ultimately gets better, but hell if I know when. Hang in there, Shelli – thinking of you…

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