Class is in Session

While my latest blog post is still brewing in my head, I wanted to let you all know where I’ve been spending my time over the last week.

As I prepare for another school year with my son, I have two timely posts on this theme:

Click over to my review blog to read my latest book review from one of my favorite authors, Phillip Done. Phil is a third-grade teacher, and his newest book was just published, “Close Encounters of the Third Grade Kind- Thoughts on Teacherhood” is required reading for the start of this new school year.

Also check out my latest New Jersey Moms post, “The Lost Art of Handwriting”, where I pine over the potential extinction of handwriting in today’s cyber-charged world. I may be a blogger and technology geek in my day job, but I often love to abandon my keyboard for a pen and paper. Is handwriting going the way of the dinosaur?

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One thought on “Class is in Session

  1. I love Phil and posted about his first book and am looking forward to reading and reviewing this one.I have to disagree with you about handwriting, though. I got a D in second grade in handwriting. It traumatized me as the only D I ever received. I still have awful handwriting and am thrilled to have word processing available to me for virtually everything (except filling out forms).I also have a special needs child with low tone and poor handwriting (large and difficult even for him to read). I feel absolutely blessed that this child who struggles in a number of areas has the assistive technology of computers available to him so that he can participate in school along with his peers. His intellectual abilities are well above average and he does not appear to be physically impaired, but writing is extremely difficult for him. As he once put it: "I can't think and write at the same time. It takes all my energy to write the letters."I stick to computers and choose a well developed "handwriting" font if I have to, thanks.

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