Symptom watch commences.

Yesterday, cramping all day. Last night I got out of bed because of the consistency of them.

This morning, ever so light spotting? Spotting is actually too large a word for it. It was a smudge no bigger than a pencil eraser point.

Sore chest? Check. (but I had that before transfer too).

All of these symptoms can be related to the progesterone. Or they could be related to something else.

Therein lies the rub.

No, I’m not testing early… are you crazy???

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14 thoughts on “3dp5dt

  1. I admire that you can hold out- I have no discipline…but all it would do is add confusion and stress to this already anxiety-provoking journey. I am thinking sticky thoughts for you crossing my fingers.

  2. I'm liking the cramping. I had that too, and the sore boobs. You're doing great! And it's wonderful that you have no lurking monsters… you've got options, and that is a wonderful thing. Personally, I'm not thinking you're going to need them though, unless you're looking to expand La Familia thrice over!Take good care of yourself and keep us posted!!

  3. We are on exactly the same schedule. My xfer was Tuesday and I have had the same symptoms with some added nausea. I even had the smudge. I was/am sure it was the embryos falling out! 😉 This stuff makes me crazy. Crazy enough to test. I started yesterday to watch the HCG leave my system and using dollar store tests will continue to tes tuntil beta, next Friday. Best wishes!!

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