The Map to Paradise

I got another update from the clinic today. Wasn’t even expecting one to tell you the truth, since the last time I spoke to the DC (donor coordinator) yesterday she said “no more updates.. see you at transfer!”.

We now have 10 fighters ready to duke it out as leaders of the pack. I’m just so tickled pink to have anything approaching Day 5 as an honest to G-o-d blastocyst.

Anyway, I have to share a funny story, because it’s always a joy to experience levity when you are about to make or break the rest of your life.

So who remembers the post I wrote about the worst transfer experience known to man (or me at least)? So if you weren’t reading along back then- it was last August 2008, and I had the most uncomfortable transfer because I happen to have a cervix that is certifiably wonky. It has good and bad days, and on the WORST, loves to hide and generally be a pain in the ass. I cringed the entire time I was on the table. No valium either that day, and who knows if that transfer was the cause of my Swan Song cycle to fail… anyway…

In speaking with the IVF nurse who called to tell me about my embies, I asked who will be doing the transfer tomorrow (there are 4 RE’s at my clinic). It happens NOT to be the doctor I had last time– Dr. No, for those of you familiar with my RE’s.

Now you might think, “Yeah!” BUT… it I love Dr. No. He was the man that did a blind HSG in under two minutes with my crazy cervix. Not to mention two trial transfers and a host of IUI’s.

It was just a bad day— that day last year. Dr. No took copious notes, and in my follow-up to failed IVF#1 he said… “I wrote a ton of notes, and if you have a future transfer, I will know exactly what to do, and how to get there! No worries!!”

Turns out the RE doing my transfer tomorrow is the RE I know least (but do like him what I know of him… he did my retrieval last year). Let’s call him Dr. Stevenson… because he reminds me of a young Parker Stevenson (Hardy Boys… anyone??? Shaun Cassidy played his brother?)

I digress.

So I ask IVF Nurse to remind Dr. Stevenson to look at Dr. No’s notes. I want to be VERY SURE that I am in NO PAIN and the transfer is as easy as possible.

Her response… was classic…

“oh yes! Dr. No’s notes were extensive, and I already passed them onto Dr. Stevenson. He even drew a detailed MAP to your cervix.”

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18 thoughts on “The Map to Paradise

  1. ok that is funny as hell! LOVE IT!& VERY good that the RE doing the transfer is aware that he has a treasure map to follow.thinking of you so so so much!!!!THIS IS IT!!

  2. I knew you were special. But, really – are you telling me that you are so special that they have actually mapped your cervix?! Like the face of the moon?I suggest you get a copy of that bad boy and post it on the fridge. What a conversation piece.

  3. A map! But they're men – men never use the map! Hopefully the nurse can stop and ask for directions. So excited with you! 10! wow. Totally cool. EB

  4. That much detail from the nurse? Weird. But, that's great that the doctor you will have will have all of the information possible to help make this a success.

  5. Girl, you sound like you're in very good shape. Ten little embies is a VERY nice number. I have a good feeling about this, fwiw.Keeping fingers crossed for you. Really hope to read of some good news soon.

  6. Woo Hoo!!And that's hilarious!P.S. Your blog updates aren't showing up on my dashboard until hours after they're posted suddenly.. weird? Just yours, no one elses.

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