The plank just got shorter.


They got the donor’s bloodwork back, and decided to push stims for one more day… so now we are looking at Thursday for retrieval.

The bad news (because I am so used to it by now)…

Only 8 follicles are making the cut right now. Eight. $%&%$#! Unfrickinbelievable. This from a young donor with proven fertility.

I am sick with worry. This could be over before it even begins.

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17 thoughts on “The plank just got shorter.

  1. My donor produced 12 eggs but it was the same amount I had in my last cycle so I was disappointed. The difference is that I was on max meds to get there and she was only on 150IUs! It's hard to believe that egg quality is all that matters when you've gone through IVF with your own eggs and always tried to get as many as possible, but the eggs of a 25 year old are just way better than in your late 30s. I am pregnant with twins now.

  2. I can feel your panic through your words…Shut the closet door, and breathe.The 8 eggs are going to be healthy, strong, awesome eggs. Holding you close in my thoughts and prayers…((HUGS))

  3. Ok, I can imagine how stressed out you are. So you say this is a proven donor – do you have any idea how many she has produced in previous cycles? Lots of luck to you – here's hoping that you get some nice strong healthy embryos in a few days.

  4. I'm sorry about this anxiety riddled week, but as others have said, quality vs. quantity, right? I know, easy for me to say. You are in my thoughts, always, and sending lots of positive thoughts your way…

  5. Quality not quantity!! My first cycle I only had 5 good ones, and I got pregnant. No way anything's over yet! Take a deep breath and know that this WILL work out…Big hug to you!

  6. As others have said – quality over quantity!! However, I know how you feel. I'll be in your shoes next week and I know if my donor only has eight follicles, I'll be bummed, too, but we both have to remember that these donor eggs are most likely so much better than our own so even with 8, you could still have plenty to transfer and to freeze. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that everything works out! Hang in there.

  7. Keeping my fingers crossed for you and the donor. I've found that even though they see a certain number of follies in a scan, it does not always mean that is how many that are retrieved and mature. So hang in there, its not over yet!!ICLW

  8. Hi, out of 20+ follicles our donor had, she only coughed up 8 eggs and out of that, only 6 were mature and only 5 fertilized with ICSI…yes, I completely freaked! BUT two were able to transfer 2 and freeze two and now I'm 22 weeks pregnant with a singleton so QUALITY over QUANTITY is what you should be chanting :)(I totally understand that's easier said than done!)I'm still a bit annoyed we only have 2 to freeze. Hey, with all the $$$ and sacrifice, it's hard not to be greedy…but I am certainly very thankful.)

  9. Here I am to talk you down from the ledge. Just how many embryos were you planning on transferring? Surely not 8, or 6, or even 4. I got 4 eggs from our donor. 3 of high quality, and even the 4th one was good enough to be frozen. Breathe, Shelli, breathe. You CAN do this.

  10. Well, having come off of a cycle where they retrieved 37 eggs and we ended up with TWO that were good enough to transfer… you could very seriously be sitting very pretty. I'd take quality of quantity any day. In fact, I am convinced that our donor waaaaay overstimmed and that's why quality was poor.If you ask me, lower numbers are better. No need to work with or freeze crappy eggs that would never make it anyway.I know that it's still hard and so easy to think it's all going to bomb… but you are nowhere near that. So hang on, sister. All fingers crossed for you and throwing some pixie dust to boot.

  11. They are just being conservative and 8 healthy eggs is nothing like 8 sickly eggs. Seriously. There is no comparison between a donor cycle and any cycle you or I have done.

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