TV Break! Celebs that would make cool BFF’s

This blog isn’t all infertility, all the time. Well, it has been lately, but I still have other things to share. You see, while I am waiting for the phone to ring (or not), I am watching TV and my computer monitor for Internet live-streaming.

Are you watching The Bachelorette? Because honestly, I am a sucker for these types of reality shows. Sort of like sitting down with a bag of potato chips and a 20oz. Coke. Salty and Sweet. How could you not like Jillian? She’s full of spunk and moxie and even reads all the comments to her blog. Something tells me that she is one of the “more real” reality stars. She’s probably kicking back right now in her PJ’s and fuzzy bunny slippers watching her episodes eating cheese curls and hot dogs.

I approve of Jillian’s casting off of Reid last night. Sorry. He might be a nice guy from my hometown in Philly, BUT he’s too…. non-committal. Too… dull. You snooze, you lose my friend.

Speaking of moxie, my other addiction is So You Think You Can Dance. Hate the title, but love the host. Cat Deeley should be raking in the $$$, not Ryan Seacrest! Travesty!

One my blogging friends brought up the fact that Cat would probably be a very cool friend in real life. I agree! Cat would be fun to hang out with, and since she’s tall she probably has big feet which means I could borrow her shoes! Have you seen her shoes?? In fair trade I could let her borrow my handbags. Wait… who am I kidding? She probably OWNS more than me. Scratch that, she definitely owns more than me.

Last, I totally need to clue you in on my lunchtime obsession. At 12noon, I tune into the Fox News Strategy Room for the Entertainment Hour with Jill Dobson. If you haven’t been to the Strategy Room, well, HELLO! You must. It’s internet streaming only (not on TV). Relax, my “left-wingers”, this is a no-politics chat about everything celebrity. And I bet Jill would make for a cool friend IRL, too. Stick around for the other segments (weekdays, 9-5)… it’s good stuff.

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6 thoughts on “TV Break! Celebs that would make cool BFF’s

  1. I share two of your three obsessions, but I will have to check out the Fox Strategy Room.The Bachelorette and SYTYCD are my guilty pleasures. I honestly am happy in the afternoon when I remember they are on that night!I love Kiptyn. That guy is perfection. Something about Ed weirds me out.–MM

  2. I totally got sucked into the Bachelorette. I had NEVER watched a single episode before the last two. I like that she's 'more real', but at the same time – she looks like most of my friends, just 'everyday normal'. She's not drop-dead gorgeous or anything, so I don't get the guys-being-all-gaga over her thing.And you forgot to discuss Ed and his ED – ha!

  3. I was on vacation last week, but wanted to stop by and thank you for visiting my blog from LFCA. It's such a great idea, and all the posts waiting for me when I got back from vacation really cheered me up.By the way, I totally agree about Reid on the Bachelorette. I'm just a little worried that neither of the two guys she has left are quite right for her (although I do like Ed…)

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