Sort of like the first steep drop on a rollercoaster…

And so we begin…

Donor starts stims tomorrow. Her baseline appointment went great, and dare I say close to perfect.

The only downside? My DC is out on vacation all next week, so I will have to hunt down one of the IVF nurses for any updates while she’s stimming. My DC knows I am a numbers obsessive gal, so she’s already told the staff to expect my pestering calls. …Who me? A pain in the @ss?

If things keep moving as they have been, donor will be triggering for retrieval next weekend (7/18-19ish).

Please cross your fingers and toes for me. I need the collective good thoughts/prayers from all of my friends.

Hands in the air!

Here we go.

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14 thoughts on “Sort of like the first steep drop on a rollercoaster…

  1. So excited for you!!!I just caught up with your pharma battles, new blog look, new hair, etc. *Hate* that you had to deal w/ the bureaucratic BS but your new looks are great! Will be thinking all good thoughts and stalking your blog relentlessly 🙂

  2. Wishing you tons of luck, Shelli! I'm excited for you and I hope you'll soon have a big fat +. That's the good part – you're now (finally) very close to knowing. And the odds are definitely with you 🙂

  3. sooooooooooo excited! Like beyond! And love that your DC has alerted the staff that they must keep you up to date with numbers.Will be thinking of you & your donor and beaming good thoughts.xo

  4. Good luck! I'm about a week behind you. Hopefully, this journey will be a nice smooth ride for both of us. I'll definitely cross fingers and toes and send you lots of good vibes!

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