The fall of civilization

Well, I took my last BCP yesterday. Just waiting for AF to show. I’ll be happy to back off the Lupron a little bit. I’ve been having hot flashes at night. The headaches, not so bad as long as I keep hydrated.

The donor meds saga was resolved, but not without a minor freakout yesterday that all my work to date was for nothing when ONCE AGAIN a customer service person thought I was paying cash. Thank goodness for my new friend at the other specialty pharmacy who reminded me to remain calm, and then called the OTHER pharmacy to remind them of my insurance details. Ugh, such horrible communication between these insurance agencies.

Anyway, when it rains it pours. Husband and I recently changed over our phone service to the MASTER MONOPOLY CABLE PROVIDER in PA/NJ (we already had internet and digital cable with them), and man, they screwed us big time with our bill. In addition, our phones still aren’t working correctly since the initial install. S. has been in charge of that big ‘ole mess, and last night just went ballistic on the customer service folks. We call with a service problem that’s been ongoing for two weeks AND a bill issue… and what do they do?? They try to freaking up sell us on another one of their worthless features!! Arghhhh! Are you kidding me??

All of my complaints this week are directly related to the US Economy, I suppose. Is is me, or are all of you feeling like you have to fight with service providers more than you used to? I have to be honest, I feel like I have another full-time job just dealing with money-obsessed companies.

What’s next? Will my favorite donut shop start not filling my coffee cup to the top to save a penny?

Oh, nevermind. I don’t want to go there. That’s too traumatic to think about.

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5 thoughts on “The fall of civilization

  1. Congrats on getting one step closer to your DE cycle! It always hits me that we are really getting going when that last BCP is washed down and you wait for Aunt Flo. As for the service providers, I hear ya. Maybe you should hire yourself out to other people to deal with service companies? If you are going to have a second job, why not get paid for it?Best of luck!

  2. Had to laugh about the coffee. Went out to eat this week with the hubby (1st time since probably Nov), and noticed that the portion size was MUCH smaller then it used to be, but still on their big plates. I do think there are little things everyone is cutting down on. Congrats on stopping BC, you are getting much closer.

  3. I totally agree on the customer service issue…it is a LOT harder to deal with anyone when you have a problem. I'm glad to hear you've found someone to work with you and is on your side when it comes to the meds.So, I should look forward to headaches and hot flashes with the lupron. Nice. I hope your side effects leave soon!Oh, and I love the new look!

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