The hamster wheel of pharmaceuticals

So, I am *almost* at resolution with the donor meds saga.

As a public service to my friends with insurance who have upcoming DE cycles, be forewarned! Many of these pharmacies are cranking down on business… hard. In fact, some of the most loved (CHEAP) specialty pharmacies are no longer working with insurance at all. Everything has to funnel through your main mail order/specialty provider- or pull out your wallet.

Blame it on the economic climate, I guess.

Anyhoo, after 4 days of phone calls to anyone who would listen to me, I finally found a person to help me at my main pharmacy provider. She is a gem, I’ll tell you… and it took about 16 people in that company to find her.

She had called me merely to check if I had gotten my Fedex box of my own medications, and after listening to my story she took the initiative to work it. She personally called my doctor and they are in the process of sorting out the order. She knew what an egg donor was (the other 16 people did not), bless her heart.. and vowed to personally see that the meds ship out on Monday.

Cross your fingers.

And I thought the 2WW was bad.

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